South Africa Needs Our Lady

Winning the heart and soul of South Africa for Mary      by spreading the Fatima message


Special Edition 2018 Marian Calendar featuring Catholic History of South Africa

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 Welcome to South Africa Needs Our Lady 

South Africa Needs Our Lady (SANOL) is a special campaign of Family Action South Africa to capture the heart and soul of South Africa with the Message of Our Lady of Fatima. 

South Africa urgently needs the prophetic messages of Our Lady given at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Above all, South Africa needs a clear direction, a great purpose, and the means to achieve it. The admonitions, requests, and warnings of the Blessed Virgin Mary can rightly be called a heaven-sent survival manual!


What People Say....

Dearest Bernard, as mentioned previously I am in a retirement home and need to depend on a lift to and from mass each week.for which I'm most grateful. The beautiful rosary I received will be greatly treasured. I was so overjoyed, I cried when I heard a knock at the door while reciting the rosary at 3pm. I love it so much felt honoured and blessed by God. Richest blessings all. The book of confidence is on my bed all day. I absolutely was so blind to so many things; my knowledge of my God is clearer and my confidence in my God is growing everyday. Love you all💞😘😇.M.W.

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Free Seven Sorrows of Mary Prayer Card

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