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Public Square Rosary Crusade 2015 News and Feedback!

On 10 October 2015, South Africa Needs Our Lady, organized the first ever Public Square Rosary Crusade in South Africa. 261 Rally Captains signed up from all over the country and  each hosted a group varying from 3 people to almost 150 people per group. That makes an enormous amount of Rosaries prayed on one day at 12 noon all over South Africa!

 Thank you to all our Rally Captains and each and everyone who joined in this massive Rosary Crusade. We all realize that South Africa is in great need of the intercession of Our Lady to solve the problems in our country and communities. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

On the left is a photo taken at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal of all the red roses sent to Our Lady on behalf of the South African Rosary Rally Captains!


Some comments received from the Rally Captains:

On Saturday the 10th of October, we held our Rosary Rally at Kriste Motsogi  Parish Jouberton in Klerksdorp. The weather was very windy but the attendees was more than willing to walk in the street and call the name of our Mother of God. We couldn't turn our eyes away from this shining star. We know that praying in public is a sign of hope in this hopeless world. We know that in danger in anguish and in doubt we must think of Mary and call upon her name and let her name be ever on our lips and in our hearts. AVE AVE OUR LADY OF FATIMA.We are so happy to be part of this Prayer and will be praying every year . Yours in Christ, S.R., Klerksdorp.

Thanks to you and your team for giving us the ‘tools’, encouragement, assistance and leading us in this most awesome venture.  It was certainly our pleasure to pray and so publicly too – very liberating experience for all who attended. I say with you...  MAY GOD BLESS SOUTH AFRICA, AMEN!  THANK YOU, OUR BLESSED MOTHER MARY FOR RECEIVING OUR PETITIONS, FOR PRAYERS ANSWERED.and MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR TEAM TOO! Yours in Christ, B.

A really good rally and good time was had by all.  We loved every minute despite the gale forcing its way across the sea onto land where we were placed.  We are looking forward to next year’s rally.  18 people stayed throughout the rally and others came and went.   The photos show those who remained for the full 2 hours.  As a matter of interest, two ‘outsiders’ who arrived as a result of our advert in the local newspaper, asked that we do this on a more regular basis. With kind regards, B.

God bless you for including us in this most precious event ... so blessed ... and I look forward to doing it all again next year. Yours in Jesus and Mary! S. 

 Below are some pictures of the 2015 Rosary Crusade in South Africa!