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Public Square Rosary Crusade 2016 News and Feedback!

On 15 October 2016, South Africa Needs Our Lady, organized it's second Public Square Rosary Crusade in South Africa. Over 400 Rally Captains signed up from all over the country and  each hosted a group varying from 3 people to almost 200 people per group. That makes an enormous amount of Rosaries prayed on one day at 12 noon all over South Africa!

This year we had banners translated into 5 of the official languages in South Africa: English, Afrikaans, Sotho, Xhosa and Zulu.

 Thank you to all our Rally Captains and each and everyone who joined in this massive Rosary Crusade. We all realize that South Africa is in great need of the intercession of Our Lady to solve the problems in our country and communities. Our Lady of Fatima, pray for us!

On the left is a photo taken at the Shrine of Our Lady of Fatima in Portugal on 12 October 2016 of over 400 red roses sent to Our Lady on behalf of the South African Rosary Rally Captains and over 200 white roses on behalf of all the Sponsors of the Rosary Crusade!

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See Photo Gallery below of 2016 Rosary Crusade throughout South Africa on 15 October 2016! Thousands of Rosaries were prayed on that day asking the intercession of Our Lady for South Africa.

 A Bouquet of more than 600 roses delivered to Our Lady of Fatima

Fatima, Portugal – On 12 October 2016, more than 600 red and white roses were offered to Our Lady of Fatima. 

South Africa Needs Our Lady held its 2nd year of Public Square Rosary Rallies in South Africa and for every Rally Captain who committed to holding a Public Square Rosary Rally we delivered ONE RED ROSE in his or her name. We also offered a WHITE ROSE for every devotee of Our Blessed Mother who chose to sponsor a Rosary Rally by giving a donation to help make this enormous effort possible.

As the day approached for the offering, the weather forecast was the worst possible. In Portuguese the expression used by was, “aguaceiro e trovoadas” which can be translated into “pouring rain and thunder.” The odd thing was that all the other days of the week had been beautiful, sunny days.

We had lots of praying to do, beseeching our good Mother to push the clouds away. And she didn’t let us down! As the time came for the delivery, 2:00 p.m. on October 12th, the clouds moved away and even parts of the sky became blue. The sun became as warm as her smile and we were able to make the offering of a massive bouquet of roses to Our Lady and remain as dry as the pilgrims were after the Miracle of the Sun.

The beautiful roses basking in the Portuguese sun stood in sharp contrast to a world deep in moral trouble, a world that seems to move more and more away from God and His Divine law. It can only be by the grace of God that in such a sinful world, here at Fatima a huge act of love and devotion to Jesus and Mary could take place today.

Together with the rose offering our hopes and prayers went up to the Queen of Heaven beseeching her to hasten the fulfillment of her promise that “in the end my Immaculate Heart will triumph.”                                     (By Antonio Fragelli)